The Hong Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students’ Services Association (“HKOTSSA”) is a registered non-profit-making, voluntary organization founded in 1994.  HKOTSSA aims at:

  • organizing community services for tertiary students
  • raising students’ awareness of community welfare and social issues
  • encouraging student participation in social services
  • fostering the friendship of winners of the Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students

History of HKOTSSA

HKOTSSA was founded by the past winners of the Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students after the Awards were introduced in 1991.  They have demonstrated exceptional leadership and organizational skills, and participated actively in voluntary services that benefit their communities and/or schools.  HKOTSSA gathers winners throughout the years to enhance the impact of its activities and to serve society for a greater cause.  As of February 2019, around 550 students have been selected for the Award, and become members of HKOTSSA.

Past Activities of HKOTSSA

  • Manifesting Art of Social Service (MASS): a six-month social service scheme for secondary school students aimed at strengthening their commitment in social services through a series of  training workshop, self-initiated social services, wall-painting at hospitals, fun fairs and inter-flow sharing camps
  • Project Award for Secondary School Students: an award presented to secondary school students who planned and organized small-scale social service projects at their own initiative
  • Social Service Projects with Hong Kong Red Cross, Youth Outreach, Christian Action as well as various hospitals and charitable organizations
  • High-table Dinners where renowned figures were invited to share their volunteering experiences and thoughts on social affairs
  • Social Service Interflow Tour to China (including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangxi)
  • Tsinghua University Student Delegation Visit to Hong Kong (Co-organized with Sino Heritage Limited)
  • Rebuilding Collapsing Schools Project (RCSP): Co-organized with the Hong Kong Christian Council to rebuild schools for needy students in rural China
  • Participation in conferences organized by various organizations
  • Board show at tertiary institutions to promote the Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students
  • Recreational activities for members